T.A. Aliev, T.A. Babayev, T.A. Alizada, N.E. Rzayeva
Noise control of the beginning and development dynamics of accidents in rail transport

The paper is devoted to the issue of improving the reliability and validity of the results of control the technical condition of the running gear of rail transport in real time. In contrast to traditional fault monitoring systems, the authors propose enhancing the validity of the control of the onset of defects that usually precede typical faults by using noise technologies. The possibility of creating an intelligent noise technology that can solve diagnostic problems with the indication of the beginning of the latent period of the emergence of typical defects preceding faults is considered. To this end, using this technology, reference sets of informative attributes are formed in the training process. The reference sets, in turn, are used to determine the condition of the object at the beginning of the initiation of defects by comparing them with current noise estimates. This makes it possible to receive in real time all necessary information about the current condition of the most critical components of the running gear reflecting changes in their operational parameters. At the same time, it also allows controlling the dynamics of the development of defects, which makes it possible to enhance the safety of the operation of rail transport.

Keywords: Rail transport, Running gear, Rolling stock, Noise, Control, Fault, Accident, Noise control, Estimate, Intelligent systems, Informative attributes, Reference, Sets, Correlation, Spectral analysis
Institute of Control Systems of the Ministry of Science and Education of the Republic of Azerbaijan
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