The peer-reviewed scientific journal "Informatics and Control Problems" is registered in the manner prescribed by the law of the Republic of Azerbaijan. The Journal is published twice a year as Issues 3 and 6 in the Series of Physical-Technical and Mathematical Sciences of "Transactions of Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences."
The Journal publishes research and analytical and review papers on informatics, information technology and its application. The Journal is aimed at researchers, graduate students, programmers, engineers and students interested in the results of fundamental and applied research in the field of high information technologies based on the latest developments in informatics and computer technology.

The Journal accepts papers in the following fields:
  • control theory and system analysis;
  • mathematical modeling and identification;
  • analysis and synthesis of signals and images;
  • information measurement systems;
  • information processing and control systems;
  • artificial intelligence in control systems;
  • automation of technological processes and production.



V.Ja. Kopp, M.V. Zamorynov, N.I. Chalenkov.
The numerical method of the phase integration of non-regenerating semi-Markov systems
I.M. Ismailov, M.M. Isayev.
The principles of building intelligent aircraft control systems

A.B. Sadigov, R.A. Hasanov.
A model of pattern of pollution in water basins based on the mass conservation law
E.R. Aliyev, D.B. Gakh.
Creating a simple model for output data structure for optimal path finder service
N.A. Abdullayeva.
Mathematical models of particles moving in circle
V.A. Bayramov.
On the Laplace transform of the Gerber-Shiu function in a Sparre Andersen risk model with constant interest rate
A.G. Nagiev, F.A. Aliyeva, H.A. Nagiyev.
On the strategy of managing the current intensity of production for a given output volume

As.H. Rzayev, M.Kh. Japarov.
Intelligent intertraverse load cell based on the Hall sensor for sucker rod pumping units
J.Z. Hasanov, E.E. Mustafayev.
On one approach to the determination of color closeness in image Segmentation
V.A. Gasimov, J.I. Mammadov.
A steganographic method of hiding information with the use of fractal sets
E.Q. Shahbazov, C.A. Aliyev, A.M. Hasanova.
Nanotechnology for oil transportation
Z.R. Jamalov.
Two approaches to determining students' final grades
S.E. Pashayeva.
Creating an information retrieval system based on directive documents
Z.Y. Bashirova.
Methods of calculatıng the level of ıntellıgence wıth provision for the measurement of attentıon accuracy
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