G.A. Abdiyeva-Aliyeva.
Аpplicаtiоn оf АI in sоftwаre engineering: hаndling dаtа mаnаgement prоblems in prоductiоn

With the help of Machine Learning, modern business companies have eased the processes within the business contexts. Moreover, having built artificial intelligence-based software products, effectiveness in not only automated processes but also quick monetary returns are attained. Since the amount of data is increasing sharply, building models and automate them within the software products have been one of the main challenges that business institutions face. In spite of the advanced high quality computers, processing those data, building advanced Machine Learning (ML) models on them and deploying those models within the software products are problematic points. Maintaining the lifecycle of Artificial Intelligence based software products after deployment is another point that business institutions are trying to solve in an optimal way. The paper aims to analyze the context and variety of applications of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Software Engineering and discuss possible problems arising from these applications.

Keywords: Machine learning, Software products, Distributed systems, Hadoop, Big data

DOI: https://doi.org/10.54381/icp.2023.2.12
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