Kamil Mansimov, Vafa Rzayeva
Pontryagin's maximum principle as a necessary and sufficient optimality condition in a variable structure optimal control problem
Aminaga Sadigov
Description of the high-risk region as a control object
Aytaj Karimova
Necessary optimality conditions in an optimal control problem with delay
under review
Shabnam Suleymanova
A necessary and sufficient optimality condition in an optimal control problem for a Goursat-Darboux system with a multipoint objective functional
under review
Rashad Mastaliyev
Optimization of stochastic systems in the presence of diffusion with functional constraints of equality and inequality types
under review
Telman Aliev, Ali Abbasov, Gambar Guluyev, Аsif Rzayev, Y. Aliyev
Frequency converter-based monitoring, diagnosis and control system of artesian well pumps
under review
Aida Mustafayeva, Gunel Bakhshiyeva
An innovative approach to the study of mechatronic devices
under review
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