Y.G. Aliyev
The controller module of the intelligent MESSDOSE dynamograph
under review
K.Sh. Mammadov, R.R. Niyazova
Innovative methods of approximate solution and error estimation for the Knapsack problem
under review
A.B. Kerimov
Application of the algorithm set of sequentially generated artificial signals for comparison and creating methods to creating additive convolution of recognition methods
under review
E.N. Sabziev, A.A. Bayramov, S.B. Babayev
Optimization of the tactical group composition with minimum manpower losses
under review
L.E. Poladova, G.M. Velijanova
Numerical analysis of a queueing inventory system (QIS) with catastrophes using the (S-1, S) policy
under review
K.Sh. Mammadov, S.Y. Huseynov, A.H. Mammadova, I.I. Bakhshaliyeva
The problem of optimal selection of variants for construction objects based on allocated capital investments
under review
A.V. Kerimova 
An analog of Pontryagin's maximum principle in one discrete-continuous stepwise control problem
under review
Sh.Sh. Suleymanova
On one control problem with variable structure
under review
N.S. Suleymanova, H.A. Jafarova 
Audit of information security in e-commerce
under review
M.I. Polosukhin, H.A. Jafarova
DDoS-attacks: Information weapon in modern global wars
under review
Institute of Control Systems of the Ministry of Science and Education of the Republic of Azerbaijan
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