2023 VOLUME 43 - No. 2


A.B. Sadigov, L.H. Najafova, L.Sh. Gadimova. Optimization of cargo deliveries under high and random demand
T.A. Aliev, N.F. Musaeva. Technologies for analyzing the condition of transport system facilities based on noise characteristics
G.J. Imanov, A.Z. Aliyev, K.A. Hasanli. Fuzzy logic extensions-based simulation model for control of logistic performance index
V.A. Aliyev, Z.A. Gasitashvili, M.G. Pkhovelishvili, N.N. Archvadze. Predictive models: necessary and sufficient
O. Klyus, M. Szczepanek. Simultaneous reduction of fuel consumption and toxic emission of exhaust gases of fishing fleet engines
M. Szczepanek, O. Klyus. Ecological fuel made from polymer waste for diesel engines

A.M. Talibov, E.G. Hashimov, E.N. Sabziev, A.B. Pashayev. On the optimal placement of logistics centers
K.B. Mansimov, S.Sh. Gadirova. An analogue of the linearized maximum principle and Euler's equation in an optimal control problem for a discrete Rosser system
K.B. Mansimov, I.F. Nagiyeva. An analogue of Euler's equation and second-order necessary optimality conditions in one N.N. Moiseyev-type optimal control problem

T.A. Babayev, V. Virkovski. Problems and solutions for digitalization of transport corridors in CAREC countries
G.G. Yusufova-Agabalayeva. Synthesis of channels of information-measurement systems based on accuracy and incomplete accuracy criteria
G.A. Abdiyeva-Aliyeva. Аpplicаtiоn оf АI in sоftwаre engineering: hаndling dаtа mаnаgement prоblems in prоductiоn
Institute of Control Systems of the Ministry of Science and Education of the Republic of Azerbaijan
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