T.A. Aliev, N.F. Musaeva, T.A. Babayev, N.E. Rzayeva, E.E. Alibayli
Intelligent noise control of the state of the rail infrastructure using the technology for forming equivalent noise of noisy signals

It is shown in the paper that the technical condition of bridges, tunnels and other objects of railroad tracks is controlled at “certain time intervals”, since “continuous control” of objects of all hauls of the railroad tracks is practically impossible. At the same time, the technical condition of objects in seismically active regions can change at any given moment due to the unpredictability of seismic processes. For this reason, the authors consider one of the possible options for “continuous” monitoring of the beginning of changes in the technical condition of the railroad tracks by means of the Noise technologies. In this analysis of the useful signal and the noise that appears because of the vibration caused by the impact of the rolling stock, informative attributes for identifying the technical condition of objects of the railroad tracks are formed. To this end, a technology is proposed for extracting and analyzing the useful vibration signal, the noise of the vibration signal and the cross-correlation function between them. Their estimates here are used as the main carriers of vital diagnostic information, and they are implemented in technical tools that can be easily installed on all objects of the railroad tracks with the purpose of controlling the beginning of changes in their technical condition in real time during the movement of the rolling stock.

Keywords: Object, Vibration, Noise, Signal, Monitoring, Noise control, Intelligent systems
Institute of Control Systems of the Ministry of Science and Education of the Republic of Azerbaijan
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