M.M. Isayev, M.B. Mammadova, N.Kh. Badalova.
Mixed test method for improving the accuracy of differential measurement systems

Improving the accuracy of measurement systems with non-linear conversion function, identification of their conversion characteristics and test algorithms for measurement error correction are developed. To ensure the regularity of the measurement results, part-by-part nonlinear approximation and differential measurements are applied to the entire measurement range, optimal test values and hybrid sets are determined, basic test equations are set up, and a mathematical model of the conversion characteristics of the measurement system is obtained. The structures of measurement by tests systems are developed, real tests are conducted to confirm the adequacy of the algorithm, and the components of the measurement result error are evaluated.

Keywords: Measuring instrument, Conversion function, Nonlinear identification, Measurement with hybrid tests, Measurement error correction
Institute of Control Systems of the Ministry of Science and Education of the Republic of Azerbaijan
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