2016 VOLUME XXXVI - No. 3


K.R. Aida-zade, S.G. Talıbov, V.А. Hashimov.
Optimization and control of placements of point dampers on the plate
E.A. Garayeva, K.B. Mansimov.
Suffisient optimality condition for the one discrete control problem
V.M. Abdullayev, S.G. Talıbov.
Numerical solution of inverse problems for loaded dynamic systems
Y.R. Ashrafova.
Optimal control by evolution processes without any accurate information about initial conditions
A.Y. Jabbarova.
On Krotovs type sufficient optimality condition in Roesser type hybrid systems

K.Sh. Mammadov, N.N. Mammadov.
The concept of guaranteed solution and guaranteed suboptimal solution relative to the target function in the problem about the satchel and its construction
P.S. Jafarov, E.R. Zeynalov, A.M. Mustafayeva, S.M. Jafarov.
Analytical synthesis of the robust regulator with fuzzy T-S model for object control – OD mobile robot with irregular movement
R.T. Aliyev.
Asymptotic expansions for the first four moments of the Sparre Andersen ınsurance risk process
R.I. Davudova.
Evolutionary calculations in the cluster analysis problems
F.R. Nuriyeva.
Heuristic grid algorithm for traveling salesman problem
A.T. Iskenderova.
Diagnosis of hydrate formation in the plume of gas gathering on scalar state variable

T.A. Aliyev, G.A. Guluyev, As.H. Rzayev, Y.G. Aliyev, M.H. Rezvan.
Energy saving variable frequency converters
E.G. Shahbazov.
Elaboration and development prospective of principles of nanotechnological processes in oil industry
R.R. Rzayev, E.T. Aliyev.
Evaluation of balanced costs in the framework of FAO UN projects by using fuzzy inferences system
G.G. Abdullayeva, I.A. Ismayilov.
The constructıon of the battery of expert systems for the defınıtıon of etımologıes of etnonyms (on the example of oghuz ethnonyms)
U.E. Sattarova, U.N. Gozali.
Writing mobile application for smartphones using with Java programming language
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