T.A. Aliev, N.F. Musaeva, T.A. Alizada, U.E. Sattarova, N.E. Rzayeva, A.I. Mammadova
Algorithms and technologies for noise analysis in the latent period of an emergency state of control objects

The authors show that the process of the initiation of accidents is reflected in the noisy signals g(i∆t)=X(i∆t)+ε(i∆t) of appropriate sensors in the form of the noise ε_2 (t). In the process of initiation and development of a defect before it becomes pronounced, the degree of correlation between the noise ε_2 (t) and the sum noise ε(i∆t)=ε_1 (i∆t)+ε_2 (i∆t), and the useful signal X(t) changes continuously. However, during this period, due to the smallness of the noise ε_2 (t) and to the filtering of the noise ε(i∆t) in the signal g(t), the readings of measuring instruments and the estimates of their statistical characteristics calculated by traditional technologies do not change. The authors propose a technology for forming the noise ε^e (t) equivalent to the noise ε(t), a technology for forming the robust equivalent correlation matrices R ⃗_gg^e, and correlation and spectral noise technologies for controlling the beginning and dynamics of development of accidents.

Keywords: Signal, Control, Accident, Correlation, Noise analysis, Matrix
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