As.H. Rzayev, G.A. Guluyev, Y.G. Aliyev, M.H. Rezvan
Operating algorithms of the "TRAP" automated group measuring device controller

The article highlights the importance of measuring the production capacity of wells (oil, water, gas) in the process of operation to ensure efficient development of oil and gas fields. Modernization of hardware and software by the Institute of Control Systems of "Trap"-type automated group measuring devices (AGMU), widely used in the oil fields of the Azerbaijan Republic, is demonstrated. An overall block diagram of the operating algorithms compiled during implementation of the new controller module in the upgraded "Trap" control device for measuring oil-well production rate as well as its separate sub-components are given: Initial parameter setting service; Automatic and manual query identification service; Manual command execution service; Service connecting (i)-th well to the measuring tank; Service of monitoring the filling of the tank over time (mi); Service of disconnecting (i)-th well from the measuring tank and waiting for fluid settling; Production rate measurement and calculation service; Automatic query analysis and execution service, their algorithms are described, and the principles of their operation are explained.

Keywords: Oil well, Production, Control device, Algorithm modules, Automated measurement, Manual control, New technology

Institute of Control Systems of the Ministry of Science and Education of the Republic of Azerbaijan
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