A.B. Pashayev, E.N. Sabziev, T.A. Alizada, U.M. Kadasheva
A method for describing the terrain to determine the effective flight path of a drone

Depending on the task of terrain clearance by autonomous drones, the problem arises of calculating the flight path based on data on stationary obstacles related to individual buildings, on the terrain, etc. The necessary information about the area is usually extracted from topographic maps online, which requires additional technical resources (primarily sufficient RAM) and processing time. The authors propose to use the description of obstacles and terrain features in place of the aforementioned maps with a very limited amount of parametric data representing them in the form of simple geometric figures (cylinder, sphere, etc.). Such a description of the area is proposed to be called a geometric map. An example of an algorithm that allows quickly calculating the optimal path for avoiding an obstacle is presented.

Keywords: Unmanned aerial vehicle, Geometric figures, Terrain, Flight path, Drone
Institute of Control Systems of the Ministry of Science and Education of the Republic of Azerbaijan
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