T.A. Aliev, G.A. Guluyev, F.H. Pashayev
Azerbaijan-Turkmen seismic-acoustic smart system for noise monitoring of the beginning of earthquake preparation and warning of its focus area

One of the possible solutions to the problem of monitoring the beginning of the initiation of anomalous seismic processes by noise analysis of seismic-acoustic signals received from earth's deep strata is considered. The diagram of the station for noise monitoring of the beginning of seismic processes is proposed in which bores of suspended oil wells (1500-5000 m) are used as communication channels to receive seismic information from earth's deep strata. Experiments on shallow wells (40-200 m) have shown that they also reliably receive seismic-acoustic information, although within a shorter radius of reception of seismic-acoustic signals. The chapter analyzes the results of the experiments with the intelligent seismic-acoustic system for identifying the area of the focus of an expected earthquake based on the network consisting of seismic-acoustic stations built on six deep and four shallow wells. It has been established that only with the application of the noise technology, the beginning of seismic processes is reliably detected based on the estimates of the correlation function between the useful seismic-acoustic signal and its noise. The combinations of seismic-acoustic stations vary depending on their location and direction. If seismic processes from one direction are recorded by 3-5 stations, then completely different combinations of stations respond to them from the opposite direction. Due to this, the system can be used by seismologists as a tool for identifying the area of the focus of an expected earthquake based on the combinations of stations that respond to seismic processes.

Keywords: Seismology, Signal, Seismic acoustics, Monitoring center, Signal processing, Noise analysis, Earthquake focus area, Anomalous process area, Network of seismic-acoustic stations
Institute of Control Systems of the Ministry of Science and Education of the Republic of Azerbaijan
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