A.B. Pashayev, E.N. Sabziev, T.A. Alizada
Mathematical modeling of the performance of aerobatic figures by a group of drones during joint flight

A mathematical model of the joint movement of a group of drones is developed. To this end, a methodological approach is developed to simulate tasks for a joint flight of a group of drones in accordance with the System of Systems ideology. Other drones, members of a group flight, are considered dynamic obstacles. In accordance with the developed methodology, the structure of the information exchanged between the drones during a joint flight is proposed. In addition to the initial model of the joint movement of drones, the particular cases of joint flight of drones when performing four aerobatic figures: “Arrangement in a line”, “Circle”, “Movement of drones along a circle” and “Complex aerobatic figure” was investigated and described.

Keywords: Mathematical model, Drone Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, Aerobatic figure, System of systems, Multi-agent system
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