Y.R. Ashrafova, S.R. Rasulova.
Numerical solution of the problem of identification of sources of oscillations of a hyperbolic system with nonlocal boundary conditions

The authors investigate a numerical solution to the inverse problem of identifying locationsand capacitiesof sources in a system of arbitrarily connectedrods described by a system of differential equations of hyperbolic type with nonseparated boundary conditions. Due to the long duration of the object's operation, the exact values of the initial conditions are not known, but a set of their possible values is given. The considered inverse problem is reduced to a parametric optimal control problem without initial conditions with nonseparated boundary conditions. Formulas for the gradient of the objective functional are obtained, which allow the use of first-order optimization methods for the solution.

Keywords: System of hyperbolic equations, Identification problem, Gradient of functional, Adjoint problem
Institute of Control Systems of the Ministry of Science and Education of the Republic of Azerbaijan
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