T.A. Aliev, A.M. Abbasov, G.A. Guluyev, Аs.H. Rzayev, Y.G. Aliyev.
Frequency converter-based monitoring, diagnostics and control system for artesian well pumps

The article highlights the relevance of energy saving problems on a global scale and the need to regulate by state laws the production and application of frequency converters, which allow to reduce the energy consumption of asynchronous motors by 30-60% depending on the load as a result of the International Energy Agency's targeted energy policy. Different characteristics of controlling the asynchronous motor, which is the main transmission of artesian well pumps, with Straight and Frequency Transducer (Variable Frequency Transmission) from the power grid are compared; the principles of energy-saving frequency converter (FC) with pulse-width modulation, increasing the power factor (PF-Power Factor) are interpreted, as well as the principle of operation and bloc explained, including the principle of operation and the block diagram. The authors report on the positive results of the work carried out in the oil fields by the Institute of Control Systems of ANAS together with Cybernetics SDB on the identification of energy-saving sources and finding ways to save energy. The article substantiates the urgency of creating a frequency converter-based monitoring, diagnostic and control system for subartesian well pumps. At the same time, the surface and underground equipment of subartesian wells is studied, technical requirements for an automated control system for early diagnosis and optimal control of their technical condition are formulated, and the structure of a new SCADA system is proposed. A comparative analysis of the operation of the artesian well engine directly and by the FC-based Artesian Well Smooth Control Station (AWSCS) proposed in the system is given for different cases.

Keywords: Variable frequency drive, Energy-saving equipment, Frequency converter, Subartesian well, Asynchronous motor, Pump, Smooth control

DOI: https://www.doi.org/10.54381/icp.2021.2.09
Institute of Control Systems of the Ministry of Science and Education of the Republic of Azerbaijan
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